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Sugimoto Shrine

Guardian deities for the “city of paper” Ino-chō that boasts a long history

A shrine familiarly called “Ino Daikoku-sama” located in Daikoku-chō of Ino in Agawa District, Kōchi Prefecture. It worships the triad of deities Ōkuninushi-no-Mikoto, Susanoo-no-Mikoto, and Kushi-inada hime. The grand festival held every spring and fall is known as one of the three great festivals of Tosa and attracts huge crowds. The shrine houses an octagonal lacquered mikoshi (deity palanquin) that is officially designated as an important cultural property. A Daikoku-sama Tezukuri-ichi craft fair is held on the premises every first Sunday (cancelled in case of rain).

Basic information

3093 Daikoku-cho, Ino-cho, Agawa-gun, Kochi
By JR: after getting off at Ino-eki station, about a 15-minute walk
By streetcar: after getting off at Tosa-dentetsu Ino-eki, about a 15-minute walk
By bus: very closed to Daikoku-sama-mae bus stop
By car: if taking an expressway, drive 15 minutes westward from Iyo IC on Route 33
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