A journey of the spirit
through natural wonder.
The Ishizuchi mountain range comprises a seemingly endless array of beautiful mountains,
and there, amidst lush forest and sparkling clear streams lies a home for the spirit.



Known as one of the sacred mountains, Mt. Ishizuchi is the highest peak of western Japan. The Ishizuchi Mountain Range is based on Mt. ishizuchi.
The four municipalities of Saijo City, Kuma Kogen Town (both in Ehime Prefecture), Ino Town and Okawa Village (both in Kochi Prefecture), located at the foot of the mountain range, are called “the Ishizuchi area”.
Rooted in a culture of mountain worship since ancient times, the Ishizuchi area is adorned with dense forests and crystal-clear stream water.
Welcome to an experience that will enrich your heart through encounters with nature and people here.

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