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Sightseeing places information
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Kyūka-mura Setouchi Tōyo

Every room has an ocean view, a soothingly beautiful vista of the Seto Inland Sea

A hot spring resort situated on a hill along a beautiful seacoast designated as one of “top 100 beaches of Japan” where visitors can view Mt. Ishizuchi and the Seto Inland Sea simultaneously. Every room offers an ocean view so all guests can enjoy a stunning vista of the Seto Inland Sea. The Hiuchinada-onsen hot spring is sourced from Hondani-onsen which, along with Dōgo and Nibukawa, is one of three great hot springs of Iyo. Dinner menu includes the “Seto-nai suigun buffet” that features sashimi, hōraku-yaki seafood pot roast, suigun-nabe hot pot, and other local specialties, as well as kaiseki courses made with seasonal ingredients including fresh seafood.

Basic information

7-179 Kawarazu otsu, Saijo-shi, Ehime
About 5 minutes from Imabari Yunohara IC
Telephone number
Day-trip hot spring soak 11am-3pm (entrance closes at 4pm)
Official website

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