Sightseeing places information

Sightseeing places information
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Tsuchi-goya Shiraishi Lodge

An inn that gives you a closeup view of Mount Ishizuchi, the highest peak in western Japan, while listening singing birds

An inn at the end of the Ishizuchi Skyline and at the beginning of a 4.6-kilometer, 2.5-hour route along the ridge to the top of Mount Ishizuchi. It is a convenient lodging place for climbing Mount Ishizuchi, visiting the Sanchō-jinja shrine, and hiking Kamega-mori mountain. Right by the lodge are Ishizuchi-jinja and Tsuchi-goya Yōhaiden shrines. From the lodge’s front balcony, you can see Mount Ishizuchi and Seto Inland Sea in the distance, as well as the field of bamboo grass of Kamega-mori beyond a forest. The lodge is located on Iwaguro-yama which is famous for akebono azaleas, and visitors can enjoy exploring the area while listening to the sound of birds. Meals made with Iwa-take mushrooms, said to often be eaten by mountain hermits, are popular.

Basic information

21-1581 Wakayama, Kumakōgen-chō, Kamiukena-gun, Ehime
A 75-minute drive from Kumakōgen-chō Government Office
Telephone number
From ¥8,000/night (includes 2 meals)
Official website
Late April - late November (depending on snow-cover conditions on Ishizuchi Skyline)

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