Sightseeing places information

Sightseeing places information
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Omogo-kei Gorge

Enjoy the beautiful water and seasonal sceneries created by the breathtaking gorge.

Omogo-kei gorge is at the upper stream of Kōchi Prefecture’s Niyodo River, which is known for its clear blue hue popularly called “Niyodo blue,” and it spreads across the foothills of Mt. Ishizuchi. The river water is so clear that you can see the riverbed even from the walking trail. The forest in the area of Omogo-kei is known for being a government-designated place of scenic beauty, as the “Omogo-kei Waterhead Forest” has been selected by the Forestry Agency as one of the “Top 100 Water Source Forests.” As great many of the trees turn color in the fall, they attract many tourists at the peak of fall foliage in early November. There are many points of interest including Sekimon, Soshi-kei gorge, Goshiki- and Koyō-gawara Rriver beds, Kamebara, and Hōrai-kyō gorge.

Basic information

Ishizuchi National Park, Wakayama, Kumakōgen-chō, Kamiukena-gun, Ehime
About 1 hour and 20 minutes by car from Matsuyama IC via Route 33, Prefectural Route 12 and National Route 494.
Telephone number
0892-21-1192 (Kumakōgen-chō Tourism Association)
Official website
Canyoning: Early July – early October
Best time to view the fall foliage: Late October – early November

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