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Sightseeing places information
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Sugo-zan Mountain, Daihō-ji Temple

Immerse in the mystical surroundings at the midway point of Shikoku’s 88-temple pilgrimage

The 44th stop of Shikoku’s 88-temple pilgrimage. This place of practice for the monks was built by order of Emperor Monmu in 701.
The approach to the temple is surrounded by towering Japanese cedar trees that are several hundred years old. There are many things to see at this temple, including the Misasagi Gongen which enshrines Emperor Go-Shirakawa’s sister, the Horidashi Kannon-dō hall where Kannon statues that have been excavated from the grounds are enshrined, Basho-zuka built to hold a memorial service for Edo-era poet Matsuo Basho on the 33rd anniversary of his death, and a monument for poet Santōka Taneda. It is a place of powerful spiritual energy that is believed to bring healing to illnesses especially those related to the brain.

*Emperor Go-Shirakawa’s name: The “go” means “later”. He got this name from Emperor Shirakawa who ruled before him.

Basic information

2-1173-2 Sugo, Kumakogen-cho, Kamiukena-gun, Ehime
A 6-minute drive from Kumakōgen-chō Government Office
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