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Sightseeing places information
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Shizen Ōkoku Shirataki-no-Sato

Barbecue of Superb Ōkawa Kuro-ushi beef and Hachikin-jidori chicken served with original sauces

A multi-purpose facility built on the former site of Shirataki-kōzan mine at 750 meters above sea level. The facility can be used for lodging, experiencing nature, camping, sports, and training workshops. Handmade konnyaku (bouncy yam cakes) and tōfu making classes are also offered. Barbecue of Ōkawa Kuro-ushi beef and Hachikin-jidori chicken served at the Sato-no-chaya restaurant on the premises is superb. The original Shaniku-sai (“meat carnival”) yakiniku barbecue sauce is popular and can be purchased at the gift shop.

Basic information

26 Asatani, Okawa-mura, Tosa-gun, Kochi
About a 75-minute drive from Otoyo IC
Telephone number
0887-84-2201 (Ōkawa-mura Furusato-mura General Incorporated Association)
Shizen Ōkoku Shirataki-no-sato: 8:30am-5:15pm
Sato-no-chaya: 10am-4pm
Shizen Ōkoku Shirataki-no-sato: Year-end and New Year holidays
Sato-no-chaya: Tuesdays
Official website
Sato-no-chaya is open April-November

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