Sightseeing places information

Sightseeing places information
  • Ōkawa-mura Village
  • Nature and stunning landscapes


Mountain covered with an enormous virgin Japanese beech forest that is easy to climb even for beginner climbers

Around the summit of elevation 1,587 meters is an enormous virgin Japanese beech forest. The sight of ancient trees over 300 years old will boggle your mind. There are mountain paths that will give even beginners and children a chance to experience the joys of mountain climbing, inviting all to commune with the expansive nature in each season.

Basic information

Okitagawa, Okawa-mura, Tosa-gun, Kochi
About a 90-minute drive from Otoyo IC
Telephone number
0887-84-2201 (Ōkawa-mura Furusato-mura Kōsha)
Official website

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