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Sightseeing places information
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Mt. Ishizuchi

The majestic presence of western Japan’s highest mountain peak that stands at elevation of 1,982 meters and is one of Seven Great Holy Mountains

One of the Seven Great Holy Mountains that has long been known as a holy ground for mountain worshippers. It is the “roof of Shikoku” and has been selected as one of the “top 100 mountains of Japan.” Tengu-dake (“tengu peak”) which is western Japan’s highest mountain peak, Mount Misen atop which is the Sanchō-sha of Ishizuchi Shrine, and Nansenpō—these mountains are collectively called Mt. Ishizuchi. The main climbing routes are the “Jōju route” that takes a ropeway from the Saijō City side, whose climbing starts at Jōju-sha, and the “Tsuchi-goya route” that goes through Ishizuchi Skyline or UFO Line and whose climbing starts at Tsuchi-goya. On the climbing paths are sets of chains used for climbing, a rarity anywhere in Japan, and they are called “test chain” (74m), “first chain” (33m), “second chain” (65m), and “third chain” (68m). The “mountain opening” held annually in early July is a major festival that attracts tens of thousands of climbers from around the country.

Basic information

Matsuyama IC –> via National Route 33 - Ishizuchi Skyline –> Tsuchi-goya
Saijo IC –> via National Route 194, UFO Line –> Tsuchi-goya
Telephone number
0897-56-2605 (Saijō City Tourist Information Association)
0897-52-1690 (Saijō City Tourism Promotion Division)
Ishizuchi Skyline is completely closed during the winter months (Dec 1 – Mar 31)
UFO Line is closed during the winter months (late Nov - early Apr)
“Mountain Opening” July 1-10
Official website
July through October is the best time for climbing
Elevation 1,892m

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