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Saijō-soba Kinoe

Carefully prepared homemade soba made with uchinuki water

The shop offers homemade soba prepared with domestically-grown buckwheat seeds and uchinuki, the subsoil water selected as one of the “100 best waters in Japan” sourced from Mt. Ishizuchi, western Japan’s highest mountain peak. The all-natural dipping sauce has no additives and is made by combining homemade soup base called kaeshi with natural broth. Seasonal menu items made with local ingredients are excellent, including a soba dish containing Kinukawa-nasu eggplants, which are Saijo City’s local specialty.

Basic information

783-6 Tsuitachi, Saijo-shi, Ehime
About 20 minutes from Iyo Komatsu IC
Telephone number
11am until sold out
Official website

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