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Marutomo Suisan

Enjoy the extra-large kaisen-don rice bowl topped with fresh-caught seafood ingredients

There is a dining area right next to a fish market, so customers can enjoy fresh seafood from Seto Inland Sea on the spot or they can choose to take it home. The most popular dish in the cafeteria is the voluminous kaisen-don, topped generously with thick-cut sashimi. The size of the extra-large fried shrimp is very impressive. You can also enjoy tai-meshi (rice topped with sea bream sashimi or rice cooked with sea bream), an Ehime specialty.

Basic information

456-5 Hinokuchi, Saijo-shi, Ehime
About 20 minutes from Iyo Komatsu IC
Telephone number
0897-56-8600 (Marutomo Suisan K.K.)
Weekdays 10am-3pm, 5am-9:30pm, weekends and holidays 10am-9:30pm

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