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Sightseeing places information
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Hondani-Onsen Hot Spring

Famous hot spring known as one of the three great hot springs of Iyo, along with Dōgo and Nibukawa.

A hot spring with a distinguished history where Emperors Jomei- and Saimei-tennō are said to have bathed. Honkan main building has indoor baths and family baths, and the Shinkan new building has indoor baths and open-air baths. The clear, colorless baths, often called “bijin-no-yu” (hot spring of beauty), will let you feel refreshed in both body and mind. It is a popular spot for higaeri-onsen (hot spring to visit during the day rather than spending the night). In the restaurant, visitors can enjoy fresh locally-caught fish.

Basic information

494 Kawanouchi ko, Saijo-shi, Ehime
About 15 minutes from Toyo-tanbara IC
Telephone number
Day-trip hot spring soak 10am-10pm (entrance closes at 9:30pm)
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