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Sightseeing places information
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Kamegamori Himi Nisengoku-hara Plateau

An extraordinary green space as far as the eye can see at elevation 1,897 meters

Kamega-mori mountain is one of the “top 300 mountains of Japan” whose elevation is 1,897 meters. At the summit there are two peaks called Meyama and Oyama and the view from there is spectacular. From midway up the side of the mountain is an expansive field of kuma-zasa bamboo grass called Himi nisengoku-hara that extends to the peak of Meyama. The view of a field covered with bright green color of bamboo grass that sways in the wind offers an extraordinary experience.

Basic information

Kamegamori, Saijo-shi, Ehime
Matsuyama IC –> via National Route 33 - Ishizuchi Skyline –> Kamega
Takes about one hour from Tozan-guchi (mountain entrance) to the summit (Meyama)
Telephone number
0897-56-2605(Saijō City Tourism Promotion Division)
0897-52-1690(Saijō City Tourist Information Association)
For inquiries regarding the UFO Line (Chōdō Kamega-mori Line), please contact the Ino-chō Yakuba Hongawa Sōgō Shisho Sangyō-kensetsu-ka (Ino-chō Government Office Hongawa General Branch Office, Industrial Construction Division) at 088-869-2115.
Official website
Elevation 1,897m

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