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Ishizuchi Shrine

A shrine whose object of worship is Mount Ishizuchi, the highest peak in western Japan

This shrine worships Mt. Ishizuchi, one of the Seven Great Holy Mountains in the country and the highest mountain in western Japan. The Ishizuchi Shrine is comprised of four structures which are the Honsha main shrine (Kuchinomiya), Jōju-sha (Chūgū) and Tsuchigoya-yōhaiden, both of which are on the side of the mountain, and Chōjō-sha (Okunomiya) at the top of Mt. Misen. A major summer festival held every July 1–10 is called oyama-biraki (“mountain opening”), and tens of thousands of followers gather from around the country.

Basic information

797 Nishida ko, Saijo-shi, Ehime
A 15-minute drive from Saijo, Komatsu IC
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