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Saijō Matsuri Festival

Gorgeous and dazzling! A festival synonymous with fall in Saijō is a gathering of 150 floats, portable shrines, and taiko drum carriers

The Saijō Matsuri is a traditional fall festival that has continued since the Edo era. It is a spiritual event for giving thanks to the deities of bountiful harvests, held every year from early to mid-October. Saijō Matsuri is the collective name for the annual festivals of four shrines, which are Isono, Kamo, Iwaoka, and Iizumi shrines. Around 150 floats including danjiri floats, portable shrines and taiko drum carriers—the number of which is said to be the largest in the country—are dedicated to the shrine parishioners of each town within the city. Because most of the residents participate in the festival, a great number of local businesses and schools all close down during this time, and many Saijō natives who live far away take time off from work to come home. It is a festival that has deep roots in the hearts of Saijō people.

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