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Mt. Ishizuchi Hill Climb

One of the top-class courses in western Japan that runs through exceptional locations in a government-designated park

The event is held every August-September. Bicyclers run uphill toward the top of Mt. Ishizuchi, the highest peak in western Japan. It is the first two-course system hill-climb race in the country, and the Ishizuchi Skyline provides the perfect stage for it. The mountain roads extend from Omogo Furusato-no-eki station (elevation 572m) to Tsuchi-goya (elevation 1,492m), totaling 22.1 kilometers and has an elevation difference of 920 meters. It is praised even by professional racers as being one of the best, top-class courses in western Japan. Other secrets to the popularity of this race are the specialty products you can buy in Kumakōgen-chō and the hospitality of the local people.

Basic information

Start: Omogo Furusato-no-eki Station (elevation 572m)
Finish: Ishizuchi Skyline - Tsuchi-goya (elevation 1,492m)
Telephone number
Criteria for participation: Must be healthy and 16 years of age or older
Participation fee: Adults ¥7,000, high school students ¥3,500
Must apply for registration online (registration opens around May-June every year)
Official website
Race held around August-September every year

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